According to the Website, the Twiddle Cube is trademarked. If you do some research on the

Global Brand Database, Twiddle Cube doesn’t show up. Also, you won’t find it in the listed US trademark databases. 

It might be the company got granted the trademark, but thanks to a lag, the data doesn’t show in the databases yet.

So: Should I Buy the Twiddle Cube?

On the positive side, the site is “Powered by Shopify“, which is one of the leading online commerce platforms. It usually doesn’t allow anonymous or fraudulent merchants to use its services.

So, what does that mean?

  1. Either the Twiddle Cube company is extremely clumsy in establishing trust on their website.
  2. Maybe they have second thoughts revealing their identity because they fear repercussions from the Fidget Cube makers.
  3. Or – and that’s what the makers of the original Fidget Cube are thinking – there’s a chance that scammers just collect the money and run. Here’s their statement: “As we’ve mentioned before, many of you are aware of the scams being run that claim to have Fidget Cube for sale. (…) At this time, ANY online store, retailer, or listing on platforms such as eBay/Amazon/etc. (with the exception of our official website that is claiming to sell Fidget Cube is either selling cheap, nonfunctioning counterfeits, or accepting payments with no intention of shipping any product at all.”

Until All3DP hears from the makers of the Twiddle Cube to clear up these inconsistencies, we personally will refrain from buying one.

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