What Would it Take to 3D Print a 1:1 Scale Death Star?


There are however a few more factors to consider when planning to 3D print a Death Star. For one, we would have to construct a mechanism to move the printer along the surface of what has already been printed, since the entire Death Star would not fit inside the tiny box of a desktop 3D printer. And, the entire construction would have to take place in space, since it would be extremely difficult to blast the finished Death Star into earth’s orbit.

Secondly, we would need some power supply; probably solar power. Lastly, ABS filament starts to get soft an around 105°C and melts at under 300°C. If the Death Star got anywhere near a star during its lifetime, it would simply turn into a giant ball of molten ABS or burn up. There are many more factors that would restrict the construction of such a Death Star with today’s technology.

Conclusion: Is it Worth it?

If you had the time and the money, then definitely; because who wouldn’t want to cruise around the galaxy in their very own Death Star? I can think of one advantage that would come of the extremely long print time. If kept in complete secrecy, the duration of the build might just outlast the existence of the Rebel Alliance or The Resistance, thereby greatly increasing the chances of it ever aging or even being completed.

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