How To Build this Miniature 3D Printed PET

Like the real thing, the 3D printed PET doesn’t consist of many components. First, you 3D print the case, preferably in beige or white for the case, and a dark brown for the keyboard and screen. You can download all the files from

Thingiverse and start printing. Some of the parts will be glued together, others will just snap in place.

The parts list for this project is short. You need a LED matrix (9 x 16), a LED matrix driver, an Arduino Feather MO Basic Proto, a battery, a switch, glue, wires and some screws. You should have some soldering experience, but all in all, it’s a project even beginners can handle.



You’ll find the parts list and detailed instructions at


Of course, you can program the Arduino Feather MO microcontroller to display the messages you want. If you don’t understand or write code, don’t worry: You can upload prewritten code and start experimenting from there.



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