Why Only 20%?

E-Commerce Reviews

Twenty percent of a store grade in Boltron comes from consumer reviews. We will explain why consumer reviews still matter in our cutting edge platform.

  • Most customer orders are properly reviewed.
  • Merchants practically spam or offer incentives their customers to get a review out of them.
  • Some customer reviews can be dishonest in nature.
  • Most customers who have a negative experience with a merchant tend to submit negative reviews.
  • Order data is more accurate to the trust factor of an online. Customers may lie, data doesn’t.
Our Standards & Goals

consumer reviewsWe use credit card industry’s standard as baseline for a store’s grade. Refund ratios under 1% is considered great, anything above 1% falls under medium to high risk territory, and any ratio above 3% is considered high risk and most stores will be ineligible to accept credit cards and Paypal. Unlike credit card companies, Boltron’s platform shares this data with our store’s customers.

Our ultimate goal for our store’s customers, “Hey! is this store can be trusted, let’s look at their grade.” Refund Ratios (refunds / orders) offer insight on the likelihood of a customer transaction needing to get a refund. Higher the refund ratio, the higher the chance your order may need to get refund. That’s why it counts for 80% of the store grade.

amazon and ebay

When dealing with a small online store, it is difficult to know whether that store can be trusted. Boltron’s goal is give small online stores an opportunity to build an accurat

Stores like Amazon and Ebay Marketplaces deal with small online stores all the time. These marketplaces protect their buyers by controlling when a store gets paid, either by proof of shipment. Long term sellers earn a good reputation that can allow them to receive sales payments within days. If  a sales does not turn out satisfactory, the marketplace guarantees a refund for their order and sellers are penalized through suspension. Regardless, customers that shop at these marketplaces have only customer reviews as a baseline, whether to do business with an online seller and the guarantees of the marketplace.

We still value customer reviews and it gives insight to a seller experience, but that shouldn’t be the main and/or only factor as it is with other review sites. This is why customer reviews only factor 20% of the store grade. End of the day, customers want to know whether they are going to get their product and whether the product is going to be functional and our grading system provides insight on that probability

Our Grading System

Grading System

Data Quality Protection

Boltron implemented various safeguards to ensure online stores do not manipulate their order data, once they integrate to our platform.

Once an order is marked as refunded or charged back, either through an IPN notification from their processor or manually. It can not be altered by the merchant.

Merchants can omit refund data on orders less than 72 hours old; this is to compensate for any customer cancellations before orders are shipped. Since most orders are shipped within 72 hours, any cancellations, refunds, or chargebacks issued after that window will not be altered.

Stores who try to delete an order through their online store that was refunded, will not delete the order count in our platform. Therefore, if a store have 100 orders and 3 refunds, but tries to delete that one refunded order. Our system will still acknowledge the refunded order and actually worsen the store’s grade; as now the store have 99 orders and 3 refunds, increasing their refund ratio and lowering their grade.

Data Privacy

Data Privacy

Boltron’s platform does not collect any vital data, such as credit card information, personal address, telephone numbers, and e-mails. All that is collected is the store’s total orders, refunds, cancellations, and chargebacks.

When a customer review email invitation is sent, our platform access the emails from the store’s database and sends the email on the store’s behalf. Therefore, we don’t store any vital customer data and your privacy is protected. We don’t care where you live or your email, all we care about is general order data.

If you are still concerned about submitting a consumer review or our entire platform due to privacy reasons, then please visit our Privacy Policy

Submitting Consumer Reviews

E-mail Customer Review InvitationAfter an order is shipped, you will receive two email Consumer Reviews invitations. One invitation is right after order is shipped, the second will be two weeks after order is shipped; if no review is submitted. The Give Review link automatically have your order ID embeded, so once you submit your review; it is associated with your order ID.

Submitting Customer ReviewThe Give Review link will forward you to the store’s profile page aka Merchant Profile Page. You can set your stars based on your satisfaction, submit a comment, and if your experience was bad enough where order was not received, then click on non-receipt of order.

Note, a non-receipt of order notification does the following: notify the merchant of this issue so they can rectify it immediately and the negative rating will intensify the score by 10 folds. Meaning your 1 star review can equal to 10 – 1 star reviews, if non-receipt of order is marked. Merchants can get that review omitted from the database if they show significant proof that an order was shipped and received to your address; therefore use that option with caution. We don’t accept malicious reviews in our platforms; if it is not warranted. We make sure our consumer reviews are honest and fair to the stores we represent.