1. User Content:

Event that you want to ensure that you have permanent access to copies of such User Recordings. Merchant Review does not guarantee the accuracy, integrity, appropriateness, availability or quality of any User Content, and under no circumstances will Merchant Review be liable in any way for any User Content.

2.Restrictions on Use of the Service:

Restrict, discourage or inhibit any person from using the Service, disclose personal information about a third person on the Service or obtained from the Service without the consent of that person, or collect information about or threaten, harass, menace or intimidate Users.

3. External Sites:

The Service may contain links to or the ability to share information with third party websites all External Sites and any content thereon is developed and provided by others.

4. Feedback:

While we are continually working to develop and evaluate our own product ideas and features, we know we don't have all the We therefore welcome your feedback, comments and suggestions.123