Boltron Registration Page
Boltron Registration Page

Set up of your Boltron merchant account

Signing up for a Boltron merchant review account is easy. For now, our inaugural integration is with Woocommerce. In the future, we are setting up other store platform integrations; such as Shopify.  Go to the Boltron Registration Page

Put the information requested and click submit/register, a green notification that will request e-mail verification to activate the merchant account. The email verification should arrive within minutes, please check spam folder just in case you do not get the email.

Verify E-mail

Click on Verify Email, then login into Boltron Merchant Review Account Dashboard to begin integrating with our platform

Merchant Dashboard

Merchant Dashboard

Now that your Boltron merchant review account is set up. You can begin the process of integrating your store with our platform using API Exporer. Currently, we have a Woocommerce plugin at our sister site |  Other store platform integrations coming soon.

Platform Features

API Integration

Boltron Merchant Review AccountOur API Integration allows your store to communicate with our platform, providing real time order, refund, chargeback, and cancellation data. This data calculates 80% of your store’s grade.

If a customer cancels an order within 72 hours of order date, then you can remove their order from our grading equation by going to your merchant dashboard, then go to Merchant Orders. The option to delete the order from the equation will be marked available next to the Order IDs. After 72 hours, you will no longer have that feature available. Most merchants ship items within 72 hours of an order being placed.

Data manipulation is frowned upon. Our platform have safeguards to prevent merchants from manipulating their refund ratio. Deleting an order from your store database won’t affect the refund ratio. Once a refund or chargeback has been marked with that order, it remains in our database indefinitely. Deleting that order from your database will decrease your total order count and increasing your refund ratio. This is the ensure the data is accurate, honest, and fair.

Deleting your Boltron Merchant Review Account will not be permitted. Once an account is created, it is forever synced with your domain. Therefore, setting up a new account with the same domain will not be allowed. We have placed several safeguards to ensure our platform is not manipulated.

Customer Reviews

boltron merchant accountYour customers can submit reviews once an order has been completed. A reminder e-mail will be sent to them within 14 days after order is set as complete. Their review calculates 20% of your store’s grade.

If a customer marks the review as an order non-receipt, this will intensify your negative rating by 10 folds. Meaning, it can lower your grade dramatically. As a merchant, you can rectify this situation by providing tracking information with a screenshot of your order to prove item has been shipped and received by customer. In the future, we will look to automate this process.

Merchant Profile

Merchant Profiles are SEO friendly. Therefore provide a good 300 word description of your business. Your store’s URL will automatically be listed. Input company address, telephone number, and any social media links. Having all these requisites filled out will boost your search rankings.

Javascript Widget

Place the javascript widget provided at your merchant dashboard at any section of your website.

Your customer can click on the widget to review your profile with other customer reviews and check your store refund ratio.

Woocommerce users can automatically place the widget using the widget placeholder tab in Appearance > Widget. Other store platform integrations will be available shortly.

Woocommerce stores can download the plugin at our sister site: or the WordPress Directory

Scoring Equation

Our scoring equation is (refund/orders x 80%) + (customer reviews x 20%).

In the future, we will adjust grades based on industry standards. Once we include business industry categories, your scores will reflect on the average grade of your industry.

Customer Review Grade

  • 4 – 5 out of 5 stars = 100%
  • 3 – 3.9 out of 5 stars = 80%
  • 2 – 2.9 out of 5 stars = 70%
  • 1.5 – 1.9 out of 5 stars = 60%
  • below 1.5 out of 5 stars = 50%

Refund Ratio Grade

  • 100% (refund ratio below .2%)
  • 80% (refund ratio below 1%
  • 70 % (refund ratio below 2%
  • 60% (refund ratio above 2%
  • 50% (refund ratio above 3%

Letter Grade Determination

  • A = 90% – 100%
  • B = 80% – 89.99%
  • C = 70% – 79.99%
  • D = 60% – 69.99%
  • F = anything below 59.99%