Moultrie MFH-SP6 6-volt Solar Panel

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Moultrie MFH-SP6 6-volt Solar Panel


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Moultrie 6 Volt Solar Panel Brand New Includes One Year Warranty, The Moultrie MFH-SP6 is a 6 volt Solar Panel which ensures a continued source of power for your feeders with Moultrie’s solar panel. It is perfect for feeders in inconvenient areas. Trickle charge guarantees a maintained battery life and will never overcharge battery. It does not work with cameras 2007 or newer. MFH-SP6 Features: Product # MFH-SP6, Solar Panel, Continuous Power Source For Feeders, 6-Volt Battery Life, Trickle- Charge Maintains Battery Life, It Does Not Work w/ Cameras 2007 Or Newer

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