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  • Instant Payments through Paypal
  • Direct communications with your customers
  • Vendor Store URL w/ social media plugins.
  • Issue personalized coupons for your products.
  • Exclusive email marketing to our mailing list.
  • All products listed on,, google shopping, bing shopping, pricegrabber, twitter, pinterest, facebook, yahoo!, and
  • We will become your marketing partners to ensure your success.


How long does it take to get set up?

You are paid instantly through Paypal, minus our commission fees. We are in the middle of implementing Stripe Connect.

What is the commission rate?

15% Commission for Virtual Products & 3DPrinted Products

8% Commission for Physical Products

3% deduction for and listing members

What countries can I sell?

As of right now, United States and Canada.

Depending on demand we can investigate selling internationally


As a seller, you can issue coupons to increase sellers. These coupons will only work for your products and no other sellers.

Can I bulk upload my products?

Yes, you can upload your google feed or csv file through a submission form. Please allow up to 48 hours to integrate your feed into our platform.

What are the shipping and return policies?

We require all sellers to ship sold merchandise within 3 business days of order. We can issue exemptions on a case by case basis.

We allow sellers to dictate their own return policies in their vendor profiles.

Are there any prohibited items?

We only allow:

  • 3D Printing related products and services
  • Internet of Things products & accessories (ie: smart devices)
  • Alternative Energy products & accessories (ie: wind turbines, solar panels, and etc)
  • Computer & Gaming products & accessories

All other products must seek approval from

We do not allow the sale of counterfeit and illegal items in our marketplace.

I'm already a merchant, who do I contact?

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