Set Up Boltron GShop Api WooCommerce Plugin

This page will discussion how to set up your Boltron GShop Api WooCommerce Plugin. If you do not know already, this plugin will allow you to set up api syncing with google merchant center which will allow better inventory synchrony for google shopping ads.

Set Up Boltron Gshop API WooCommerce Plugin

Step 1 – Go to plugins > Add New > Type Boltron and download the “Boltron E-Commerce Review” plugin. For more information about setting up this plugin please go to “For Merchant” section of our site. This plugin must be activated with an active account before you can use GShop Api. First ten product synchronization is free, anything above 10, requires a premium account of $19.95 per month.

Step 2 – Go to plugins > Add New > Type Boltron and upload “Boltron GShop Api” plugin. Reminder: You must have an active account at and “Boltron E-Commerce Review” plugin in order for this plugin to work.

Step 3 – Once you activate Boltron E-Commerce Review, go to: Boltron Gshop API. Open a new tab go to: If you do not have a google merchants account ready, then please set one up, get your URL claimed and verified. Set up instructions are in this link

One you have an account already set up, go to: upper right menu with the three dots and click on Content API

Click on the plus sign and create a new API Key. Once you create the key, click on the link underneath the User Column. The link will take you to a google cloud api page.


Now click on the upper left menu that looks like three lines. Put the mouse over API & Services then Credentialsboltron gshop api

Now click on Domain Verification, Google may make you add a cname into your registrar DNS Settings or a HTML Tag onto your page, follow that instruction.

One you are done with that, then click on OAuth consent screen and add your domain to the authorized domain list.

Once complete, then go back to the credentials tab and click on Oauth Client ID

Now click on Web Application, Give your app a name, any name does not matter. Then go back to your wp-admin tab.

You will copy and paste the Authorized ReDirect URI ending with


into the Authorized redirect URIs section of your cloud platform tab. Click on Create.

Copy the Client ID and Secret into your Boltron Gshop API Plugin

Get your Merchant ID at your google merchants tab

Go back to your wp-admin and save settings.

Step 4 – Begin to set up your google product attributes. Basic Boltron Accounts are guaranteed 10 product syncs, Premium Accounts are guaranteed unlimited product syncs.


Add the required attributes in the Google Merchant Tab in your product page. Certain products like clothing require additional attributes. Please refer to this link

boltron gshop api

Once you added all the attributes to every product you want synchronized into google merchants, go to Boltron Gshop Api >Merchant Products.  Boltron Gshop API

Click On Sync Your New Products

Boltron GShop API

If you see notification stating that your products are synced, then you followed all of the steps correctly.

Please allow up to 2 hours for initial product synchronization is complete with google merchants.

Any issues in getting your product approved by google merchants, Please refer to this link

Your Boltron GShop API WooCommerce set is now complete.